Share the BEST HOMEMADE SALSA with your family & friends!

Pints $5, Quarts $10

1/2 of all profits go to the current charity

Delivery is FREE to Shawnee/Lenexa area--no minimum order.

For orders in general KC area, minimum order is 7 pints. Contact for details.

Order by emailing salsamama@me.com

or calling/texting 913.530.1510


Salsa Mama is ON A MMMMMMMISSION!!!!

The simple mission: To serve the community with love, one pint of salsa at a time, by donating half of the profits from each sale to a local charity or family in need.

1 Peter 4:10 "As each one of us has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace."

Are you a DUNKER or a SCOOPER?

This Sunday, Mark visited Barb's Kolache Bakery (the BEST!) and came home with an assortment of our favorites---a meltaway, some cinnamon rolls, some sausage and cheese kolaches. He tried a little bit of everything as he was unpacking the box and insisted that I try them too. "No, thanks honey, but I'm going to sit down and enjoy it," I answered, as I heated my coffee (again!) in the microwave, got out the paper, and prepared to sit down for my highly anticipated moment of pure Barb's Kolache bliss.  His answer was "I AM enjoying it!" This got me thinking...we don't all have to enjoy our treats the same way.
Around this time, I received an email from my friend Francine who was feeling a little *guilty* because her husband Cory missed out on most of the pint of salsa she had just bought. [Let me interject here, I get these types of confessions often. It's not just you, my dear friend!] She and her youngest son are "dunkers" as she described, while her husband is a "scooper." They love it equally, just enjoy their treat differently.  Hmmmmm, this reminded me of the very same conversation I had had with Mark about enjoying our kolaches.
So here's my question....are you a dunker or a scooper with your Salsa Mama salsa? I am sure you may both dunk and scoop, but what is your primary method of eating salsa? No, this is not earth shattering information, but I am curious. Email with your simple answer in the subject line and I'll enter your name in a drawing for a free pint of salsa this Friday.
I had so much fun with the movie line contest that I thought I would do another. By the way, the answer to the question about "Help me, help YOU" was from Jerry McGuire!
Stay warm, enjoy your many blessings, and thanks for supporting this month's sale for the Little Sisters of the Lamb!!

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