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1 Peter 4:10 "As each one of us has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace."

Fly Like an Eagle, Lily Mies!

Way back when, on July 2, 1989, I boarded a plane for a month-long student exchange in France. Bon voyage! I was heading on an adventure of a lifetime. Looking back, I see that those four weeks were undeniably pivotal in many ways. While my French improved and I experienced new foods, landscapes and culture---all important, all interesting---the most significant blessings have ended up being the PEOPLE and the connections that I made, some of which are thriving still today. Here is my "French family" now (the family of my French sister, Magali) when we traveled in Colorado with them last summer.
Thanks to my willing parents who allowed me to raise money and make this cultural exchange possible, my world was forever changed. It is such an amazing GIFT to become FAMILY with someone across the globe. To be sure, we have differences in culture and customs, but really, we are way more alike than different. The love we share between families is so deep and appreciated in a way that is impossible to describe.  Oh, how I could elaborate on this. Volumes, I could write! 

The value of leaving one's comfy existence and navigating new lands is priceless. It's good to be forced to simplify our language to convey the essence of what we are trying to express.  It's good to be inconvenienced and to realize that sometimes we may have to eat unfamiliar foods or sleep on hard beds or trust the cashier that we're getting the correct change back. Frustrating? Unnerving? Can be...but valuable nonetheless, and oh-how-exciting if we're looking at it through the right lens! 
Whether it's a trip to a foreign country or simply a new but challenging experience in our own back yard, it's all the same thing, really. By extending ourselves into uncharted territory, we grow in ways not possible in the safe zone, non? When we shake out all of the "fluff," we are left with pure, essential, timeless truths like love, dignity, cooperation. And when we have a chance to dive into something like this, let's take it! ESPECIALLY when that challenge will bring us closer to the best version of ourselves. Time's a tickin' every day, so let's embrace these opportunities with courage.

And so begins our next sale....

Loyal, generous Salsa Mama friends, let's help send Lily Mies to World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland!

(Ok, promise me you'll click here to play or download the free song, Fly Like and Eagle.  It sets the tone for where this is all going!)

This super-chill, groovy song is happy to my ears and heart. Just listen to the lyrics---so fitting for this situation. As I was pondering how to introduce you to Lily's sale, I kept humming this in my head. It seemed to be good background music for the the image in my mind of calm/cool/collected yet eager-eyed Lily and the whole pilgrimage group from Topeka boarding the plane for their adventures in Poland. Yes, she will be flying like an eagle to her destination, World Youth Day 2016, but on a deeper level, she will really be preparing to soar into unknown territory that will surely enrich her spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  

This pilgrimage is a big deal, no doubt about it.  It's a big deal for any mom and dad to put their baby girl on a plane to cross the globe. (I told Char that I'm reserving a tad bit of this Salsa Mama fund to buy her a coffee and a box of Kleenex on departure day!) It's a big deal for a young lady to have the courage and determination to make this her focus at a time when many other teens are concerned about more shallow and worldly distractions. It's a big deal that Lily will be surrounded by over 3 million followers of Christ, all for the celebration of the faith. Imagine this sea of youngsters laughing, crying, sharing, learning and celebrating together. How truly remarkable and life-changing this trip will be!

Here below in blue is Lily's very own message to you, dear generous Salsa Mama friends. I join with her in thanking you for supporting this sale as well as keeping these young but wise-beyond-their-years kids in your prayers.  As for the rest of us... while we can't all travel to Poland in July of 2016, we can look for ways to stretch and grow and broaden our horizons in our own unique ways. 

Thank you, Lily and Co., for inspiring us!!

During the summer of 2016 along with millions of other Catholics, I will be heading off for the journey of a life time- World Youth Day.  World Youth Day 2016 will be held in Krakow, Poland; the home country of Saint John Paul II and Saint Faustina.  World Youth Day was initiated by Saint John Paul II in 1985; it is a gathering of Catholics to celebrate their faith.  International WYD occurs every three years; and annually in every dioceses.  Over the years the Catholic Church has named Saint John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta as the patron saints for the event.   At the last World Youth Day in Buenos Aries, Argentina, there were approximately 3.2 million people in attendance for the closing mass with the Pope.  The theme for WYD 2016 is “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Mt 5:7). 

  In late January 2014, my mom found an article in The Leaven about the upcoming 2016 WYD.  She knew how much I admire Saint John Paul II and told me that it would be in Krakow, Poland.  After reading the article I knew I wanted to make this pilgrimage.  I will be following the footsteps of Saint John Paul II and seeing the places that were dearest to him.  My parents were nervous about sending me across the Atlantic Ocean into a foreign country.  We ended up finding a youth group from Topeka, Kansas who invited me to join them.  Since then there has been a fair amount of fundraisers to help me cover the cost of this pilgrimage.  I am amazed by the amount of support I have already received from family and friends. 

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