Share the BEST HOMEMADE SALSA with your family & friends!

Pints $5, Quarts $10

1/2 of all profits go to the current charity

Delivery is FREE to Shawnee/Lenexa area--no minimum order.

For orders in general KC area, minimum order is 7 pints. Contact for details.

Order by emailing salsamama@me.com

or calling/texting 913.530.1510


Salsa Mama is ON A MMMMMMMISSION!!!!

The simple mission: To serve the community with love, one pint of salsa at a time, by donating half of the profits from each sale to a local charity or family in need.

1 Peter 4:10 "As each one of us has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace."

Wrapping our arms around them

You know how easy it is to remember people's kindness, especially when you're "the new kid?" I vividly remember being the new kid in 6th grade when Liz befriended me by the swings on my first day. As an French teacher, I clearly remember the friendly welcome of Pat when I moved from one district to another. These warm smiles and reassuring welcomes make such a huge difference to those who need them. Which leads me to my friend Kathy....

I remember being in the preschool hall at Sacred Heart, feeling rather "green" and inexperienced, watching my oldest son navigate the new world of 3-year preschool. Kathy walked right up and introduced herself, chatted, smiled, and really didn't do anything out of the ordinary for her. This moment of reassurance and love sticks with me even today as we're getting ready to celebrate that same son's 9th birthday next week. As I said before, it's easy to remember kindness.

I was so happy to eventually become close friends with Kathy as members of the same Christ Renews His Parish team in 2009. We have had all kinds of interaction in our church and school community (can I interject that she is the best school librarian...ever!!) and our families have gotten to know each other over the years.

Anyone who knows Kathy and her husband Ralph would agree that their four children are their most cherished treasure. In January of this year, their son Peter was killed in a tragic accident at the age of 25.  It broke my heart for them. It still does. It's May 1 and I'm just now writing about it even though it's been in my heart for months. I ask for your continued prayers for their family, for healing, for peace, for acceptance and for laughter in reminiscing on what made Peter unique. Like many people in our parish, I did not know him personally because he lived in Texas at the time; however, this amazing community wrapped their arms around Kathy and Ralph and the three siblings, Kaylan, Monica and Aaron. We will continue to do so!

The Salsa Mama mission is to help the community. This sale will benefit the Peter Clevinger Memorial Fund. Kathy and Ralph will use this donation to help others and to honor their beloved son.

Peter's funeral mass was (yes) a tear-jerker, but filled with smiles from stories of Peter's character. He lived a short but meaningful life. The program at mass had this on the back page, from his Facebook page. Read it once, twice, today, tomorrow and whenever you need a boost.

With love to the Clevinger family from the Salsa Mama community

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